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The Experience, Oakland: Waldear Kegerators Beer

On February 2, 2023
The Experience: Ghost Town Pouring WK Homebrew! Join Waldear Kegerators down at the Laurel District Ghost Town Brewing tonight –   Thursday, February 2 at 7pm. They chose Pablo’s Postre,  his petite pastry stout as a featured local home-brewer beer. It clocks in at 7.35% ABV and is conditioned on Tahitian vanilla beans soaked in Japanese whiskey, toasted coconut flakes, toasted taco nibs and cardamon seeds. You’ll like the hint of vanilla.  It’s lighter in body than most stouts and has a nice aromatic punch with notes of chocolate, herbal warmth and a menthol type flavor. Plus great food on their menu. Ghost Town Brewing’s Beer Garden + Kitchen is located at 3506 MacArther Blvd in the Laurel District of Oakland. About Waldear Kegerators Waldear Kegerators will show you how to elevate your evenings with fresh beer on tap in your own backyard or home. And will demonstrate how the Jockey Box empowers you to always have fresh beer on tap on the go –  out>>Read more

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