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The Experience, Oakland: Waldear Kegerators

On February 23, 2022
The Experience: What’s Brewing at your House? This Waldear Kegerator is ready to roll out the door to some lucky beer drinker’s home. Get ready for the warmer weather and elevate the beer drinking experience at your home! Pouring beers for friends and families  just got more fun. These  kegerators are built by hand with an elegant finish. Besides being a nice piece of furniture, they are also eco and wallet friendly. Buying fresh kegs of beer reduces the waste caused by cans and bottles and is kinder to your wallet over time. “Right now folks seem to be stocking their kegrator with Barebottle kegs and Home Brew,” says owner Jamie Waldear. “It all started during the pandemic  with the closing of the breweries. My dad, a custom cabinet maker, and I built our own kegerator and brought that brewery vibe to our backyard.” Waldear Kegerators are custom made to fit your outdoor room or indoor space. Plus, it’s a way to support your favorite craft brew>>Read more

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