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The Experience, Oakland: Oakland Zoo Rescue

On September 1, 2022
The Experience: Meet Lola + Mia! Visit Lola and Mia now living in their Tiger Habitat at the Oakland Zoo after almost three months of rehabilitation. They were rescued from a defunct, abandoned drive-thru roadside zoo in northeast Oklahoma that offered cub petting and photo opportunities.  Fortunate for them, a concerned resident alerted the Oakland Zoo which is committed to rescuing and giving a permanent home to animals in need. Oakland Zoo and Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge travelled to the defunct roadside zoo, conducted onsite animal evaluations and Oakland Zoo funded the rescue with the help of a state-of-the-art, self-contained animal rescue hauler owned by Lions, Tigers, and Bears. “For the past thirty years, we’ve fully committed Oakland Zoo’s tiger habitat as a sanctuary for tigers victimized by the circus, roadside zoo, private ownership, and cub-petting industries,” said Nik Dehejia, ceo of Oakalnd Zoo. “Those tigers need help, and we can provide that help. When a concern>>Read more

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